TONI STEVENS - toni’s healing room

Toni Stevens is a qualified Massage Therapist and Reiki Master. She started her journey into alternative healing and bodywork 17 years ago studying Reiki and Shiatsu - Japanese acupressure. Toni then took a dive back into her photographic passion and started Panache Photography with her husband Kim which they are still running today.

After tying the knot and adding two children Coco and Bodhi to the family, Toni decided it was time to follow her passion in massage and healing, taking up study again in 2014 and completed her Certificate 4 in Massage Therapy. Toni has been practising Reiki for 17 years and has acquired insightful intuitive abilities.

The laying on of hands is an ancient healing method that works to release blocked energy or emotion in your energy system. A Reiki energy healing session is a clearing and balancing of the thirteen chakras. It is Toni’s goal to help you connect with yourself deep within, learn to listen to your own body and to live from your heartspace. A Reiki energy healing treatment is a beautiful relaxing experience, where you can reach deep states of relaxation in body and soul.

Only when mind and body are in a calm state can we to start to truly let go and heal ourselves of past injuries, trauma and emotions. Toni works to calm the senses using her skills in massage and reiki energy healing, with music and aromatherapy so you may relieve yourself of worry and stress. It is Toni’s vision to hold a space where you can reach states of deep relaxation and calm, creating harmony and balance in body and soul.

Toni offers consultations at Urban Wellness on Friday afternoons.


Toni Stevens – Massage Therapist / Reiki Master

P 0430 860 448