People choose massage for ongoing maintenance of the body and Kyrie believes counselling is the same. Tending to our emotions and feelings is just like a gentle massage for the heart and mind!

Kyrie’s approach to emotional health is non-clinical (yet professional) and for many it is a breath of fresh air. Her relaxed personality instantly helps you to feel comfortable to share your story with an open heart. Folk leave the nurturing space feeling lighter and empowered; the healing process begins the moment you step through the green door!

Following the completion of her psychotherapy qualification, Kyrie reflected on her personal experience of using essential oils for emotional support during a health battle, years earlier. All of a sudden, the connection between counselling and aromatherapy seemed obvious. So, in a very organic way (the best kind!), Kyrie created Kindred Self.

Never one to rest on her laurels, Kyrie has immersed herself in the internationally recognised 235-hour Aromatherapy Certification Program. She is delighted to be able to provide her clients with additional emotional and physical support by formulating tailored aromatherapy blends.

Kyrie is available for counselling and aromatherapy consultations Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.


Kyrie Kohlhagen – Adv.Dip Counselling / Aromatherapy

P 0404 560 730