urban wellness vision

To enhance people’s lives by providing a welcoming space to heal and be well.

— The vision, our original napkin sketch!

— The vision, our original napkin sketch!

our story

Urban Wellness is a community and a space to connect with self and others.

Our studio is nestled in the historic Hart's Mill precinct in Port Adelaide, a character-filled waterfront location, with daily visits from our dolphin friends.

This is where a vintage office building has been lovingly transformed by our founder, Kyrie Kohlhagen, into a place of calm for us to share, embrace and celebrate all the things that nurture and reconnect you to your precious self.

A coworking hub and workshop space for wellness practitioners, it is also a haven to cultivate friendships and network with like-minded people.

To be and to breathe.




To connect with a range of wellness experts to support, nourish and build our community.


To assist others to create wholeness and balance is at the heart of who we are.


To help people feel physically, mentally and emotionally well, to be the best version of self.


To provide products and services of the highest quality, consistency and integrity.


To create a space for healing, learning and evolving, and to support each individual’s own unique health journey.



“I had the strong inkling that one day I would work in some kind of healing modality…”

This beautiful, intuitive heart-tug led Urban Wellness founder, Kyrie Kohlhagen, on a journey from graphic designer to counsellor, immersing herself in full time study to learn all about the psyche, emotional intelligence, and the mind-body connection.

Following completion of her psychotherapy qualification, Kyrie reflected on her personal experience of using essential oils for emotional support during a health battle, years earlier. All of a sudden, the connection between counselling and aromatherapy seemed obvious. So, in a very organic way (the best kind!), Kyrie created Kindred Self.

And then, she felt the next heart-tug.

Passionate about maintaining balance and practicing self-care, Kyrie wanted to create a space where people felt supported to live a well life.

And this is how Urban Wellness came to be.